It all started about 6 months ago; I see a hot looking neighbor move in down the block. This guy must live to work out; I have never seen a guy wear so many different leather outfits. I had gotten a summer gig mowing lawns; hey it pays well for about an hour’s work. I had fliers up around the neighborhood and had quite a few customers.

Then one day I got a call from a guy asking about me mowing his lawn. He asked me about prices and how long it usually takes me, and when I am available to mow. I tell him that it depends on the yard. He asks if I can come over and appraise his lawn for him, and I say sure and he gives me directions. I get halfway there before I realize it is him.

He is waiting for me on his front porch. I walk up and introduce myself. We walk around the yard and I quote him a price and he quickly agrees. I keep getting the feeling that he is checking me out, interesting because I am doing the same thing to him. He asks if I can start on Saturday, and I say sure.

About a month goes by and I hardly see him except when I am mowing the lawn and after when he pays me. But one Saturday when I am mowing his lawn he has to rush out, he tells me that he has to leave and that he can pay me my money if I come by later on that night at around 8 pm. I say no problem and finish his lawn. I go home and take a shower and change and lounge around the house and just take it easy for the rest of the day.

I get to his house about an hour early, I see his car in the driveway so I go on over, I also notice a motorcycle parked out by the street. I go up and knock on the door, a few minutes later he comes and answers it wearing a long black robe. His face looks really red and sweaty. I comment on that fact and he says he is working out in the wreck room. I say cool, and that I don’t want to keep him, he hands me the money and I leave.

He shuts the door and I go to walk home, when I see him through a crack in the curtains in his wreck room. He drops the robe and I see he is wearing only a black leather jock strap. My curiosity is in overdrive. I go to the window and peek inside. There bent over a table with his hands shackled to the other side is a guy almost as hot as my neighbor, completely naked with a ball gag in his mouth.

I have never seen anything like it in my life and I am very turned on. I rub my crotch a few times through my jeans, and then realize that I am doing this out in the open, so I run back home. The next week is almost a blur; all I do is fantasize about what I saw. Saturday comes again, and I go a mow his lawn. After I’m done, he comes out and says good job, and to come in and he’ll get me my money. I follow him in and shut the door behind me.

He is wearing black leather pants with a zipper running down each leg, a black tank top, and black leather boots. He hands me my money and I comment on his choice of clothes on this hot day. He laughs and says yeah, but that he had just found the pants in with some of his old clothes and wanted to see if they still fit him. I don’t really buy that story, but hey, he looks hot to me. We chit-chat for a second or two then I say that I have to go. He says hang on a sec and that he wants to show me something. He puts in a video, and I see a night view of outside of a window. Then I realize that it is his window, and there I come up looking in. The video shows me spying on him and rubbing my crotch. I don’t know what to say and he just looks at me like a predator. He asks what my parents would think if they saw this. And all I can do is hang my head in defeat and mumble that I am so dead, over and over again.

He tells me not to worry; that he can think of something else to do other than show my parents, but that it would cost me. I say okay but that I don’t have much money. He says that he doesn’t want money. I look at him puzzled and ask if he wants me to cut his lawn for free. He laughs and says no, and that he still is going to pay me for that. He tells me to follow him. I do and he leads me into his wreck room.

I recognize the table immediately. I he looks at me again and gives me the same evil smile and asks if it looks familiar. I say yeah. He orders me to strip, I hesitate but he holds up the tape, so I do as I am told, and he says, “Good, now get on your knees bitch!”

I ask, “What?” and he reminds me of the tape. I comply and get on my knees. He walks up to me and his crotch is in my face, and I can see his bulge through his pants. He tells me to unzip him and get to work. I unzip him and his hard cock leaps out at me. I stare at it and then look up at him in a questioning way.

He looks down and says, “Come on boy–blow me; you know how, and if you don’t it’s high time you learned.” He forces me onto his cock and I start to do what I have seen in pornos. It takes a few minutes to get used to it, but I get to like it. And I soon work up a nice speed. I am beginning to enjoy it and I start to moan and so does he.

He starts saying what a good cock sucker I am, and how I am a natural, and how he is going to use me more often. The thought of it makes me pick up speed. After a few more seconds he pulls me off of his cock. He pulls me to my feet and pushes me over the tables. He shackles my wrists the same the other guy was shackled. I feel him pull apart my ass cheeks and then something wet touch my ass hole.

He then goes to town with his tongue in my ass, darting and licking his tongue in and out, deep and hard. I am moaning and writhing on the table; I am in pure ecstasy. Then he stops. I feel something push up against my ass hole. I’m not sure what it is at first, and then I realize that he wants to fuck me. He looks at me bent over and says, “Now I’m gonna fuck that ass of yours!”

I tell him “no” and that I don’t like that. I say that he is too big for me. I tell him that I’ll suck him off and that I’ll swallow even. He says no and then he starts pushing his cock inside me. I feel a lot of heat on my ass, like it is on fire, it hurts a lot. I tense up and grit my teeth, but he keeps pushing further and deeper inside my virgin ass. I tell him that it hurts and to stop but he doesn’t listen; he just keeps pushing till he is all the way inside of me.

He lets me get used to the feeling of the cock, and then he starts to pump in and out slowly. I start to get into the feeling. He goes all the way with the head almost popping out, then to all the way back in again. He starts to pick up speed. I am at this point going along for the ride. I am actually pushing my ass back to meet his cock. He grabs my hips and says, “Okay bitch-boy, you like that? Now I’m going to show you what it is really like to get fucked. I’m about to ram it home hard.”

With that he starts plunging his cock all the way out of my ass and then all the way in again, every time he pulls out a nice popping sound comes from my ass. He is working my prostate so much that I am about to cum without being able to touch myself. I start spewing cum all over the table. With me cumming my ass starts to tighten involuntarily, and that pushes him over the edge. He pulls out and cums all over my ass. I lay there still unable to move, trying to catch my breath.

He unshackles me and says, “Good boy. Same time tomorrow, now go home, I have lots of shit to do today.”

I quickly get dressed and leave. I get home and almost fall asleep when my body hits my bed. Oh what a day–and tomorrow…

The next day I report to his house as I was ordered to do. I notice the other motorcycle in the driveway, which I saw when this whole thing began. I knock on the door, and my neighbor opens it. “Here’s my little cock bitch. I was wondering if you were going to come over as I told you.” he says guiding me inside.

He grabs my crotch through my shorts and squeezes. I let out a little moan, and he laughs. I hear someone else in the next room. My neighbor says to me, “Come meet my friend.” He pulls me by my now hardening cock, into his TV room. I see the guy that I had seen earlier shackled and gagged in the sex room, though right now he is sitting on a couch wearing only a leather jock strap. I notice him watching a gay porno. He looks up and says, “So this is the little peeping tom. I bet he likes watching real men fuck.” I blush and look to the ground. “But don’t worry you little bitch,” he says lifting my chin and pointing my face at the TV, “I like watching other people fuck too.”

I now notice that it is in fact a video of me being fucked by my neighbor. I have a surprised expression on my face. They both laugh. My neighbor says, “Okay, now you know that we have you. Let’s see how well you can handle the both of us. Now be a good boy and get on your knees where you belong.” I do as ordered, and drop to my knees. My neighbor’s friend then grabs my head and forces my face onto his crotch, “Lick my cock threw my jock, you little whore.”

I begin to lick and suck on his jock strap, and he begins to get really hard, I can feel his cock grow bigger threw the leather. I can hear my neighbor begin taking off his clothes. “Yeah, suck that cock,” my neighbor says.

“Damn Bill, this kid loves you cock,” my neighbor says. Bill grabs my hair and pulls me away, and unstraps his jock strap. “Now then, come get this cock, I know you want it.” He says as he guides my head back onto his cock. I go to town on his cock, sucking it with all my energy and attention. Bill says to my neighbor, “Marty, what you have here is a keeper. Keep him and don’t break him. I think we are going to get a lotta fun out of him, not to mention inside him,” Bill says with a laugh.

Jeff raises my ass up to where I am now standing, but Bill keeps my mouth working on his cock, so I am now bent over sucking a cock with my ass in the air. I feel my shorts and boxers being pulled off, I step out of them, never taking my mouth off of this great cock in my mouth. Marty begins to lick and tongue-fuck my tight whole. I let out a moan onto Bill’s cock.

“Oh yeah,” Bill says, “I think he likes that.” With all of the pleasure I am experiencing I go into overdrive on Bills cock. Then Marty takes hit tongue out of my ass, I can feel how wet it is now. I feel the tip of his cock begin to push into my ass. He slowly pushes his entire length of cock up my tight, dripping wet ass. I feel him go all the way up to his balls. The feeling of two cocks, one in my mouth, and one in my ass is amazing. Marty just stays in my ass, all the way in. He doesn’t move. He lets out a moan; as he enjoys the tightness engulf his hard cock. “Marty,” Bill says, “I want you to fuck this little bitches ass. I want to hear the sound of you fucking him.”

With that Marty begin an assault on my ass, with reckless abandon. He drives that hard cock of his all the way in then all the way out. The force of this pushes my mouth and throat father onto Bill’s cock. They both are going crazy now, fucking both of my holes. It is all I can do to not fall over. I just enjoy the frenzy of these two buff guys, as they treat my holes as their own private play ground.

I get the familiar feeling in my balls; I am about to cum from all this excitement. Marty say, “Oh yeah, I know this feeling. This little cum sack is about to cum. His ass always gets tighter when he is close.”

With that he fucks my ass even harder, and bill fucks my throat even harder. In an amazing bit of sexual theatre, Marty grabs hold of my ass cheeks as hard as he can and plunges his cock all the way into my ass jabbing my prostate, Bill goes all the way into my throat, and we all cum at once.

I can feel the inside of my ass being coated with Marty’s cum, as Bill shoots his entire load down my throat, and I cum all over the floor. We all stay in that position for a few seconds and catch our breaths. Then they both slide their now softening cock out of my holes. Marty smacks my ass a few times with his cock, while Bill wipes my mouth with his.

“Okay bitch, now run along home; we’ll call you when we want some more.”

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