Dell Simon was taking his son, Dakota, camping. It was his eighteenth birthday and they were having this one last time together before the boy went off to college. Dakota drove the four hours to the sprawling wilderness park called Horsehead. The only way to get up to the primitive campground area was on foot and they hiked a mile beyond that to find the most secluded spot they could. They set up camp; a spacious two-man tent, and laid out their sleeping bags. Dell spread one bag out full and they laid the other one on top to cover up with if it got chilly in the night. Neither of them thought it strange that they would essentially be sleeping in the same sleeping bag, as they had done since Dakota was a little boy. They gathered up some wood for a fire then went hiking deeper into the woods. “Think everything will be safe here?” Dakota asked.

“I don’t see any signs of anyone having been here in the last century,” Dell said. “Yeah, I think it’ll be okay to leave it.”

It as dusk when they got back to their campsite. Dakota started a fire while Dell got the food out and the skillet. After supper they lay stretched out by the fire, facing the flame, talking as only a boy and his dad can in such circumstances. Dell knew from experience that his son was more likely to be open with him about his feeling when they were out like this.

“Hey, do you want to go swimming?” Dakota asked.

“It’ll be cold,” Dell said.

“You turning chicken on me?” the boy chided him.

“Nope, just telling you it’s going to be cold.”

“We can come back and get warm by the fire,” Dakota said.

“Okay, it’s your balls in the freezer,” Dell said.

“Yeah, yours, too.”

“I’m not going in over my knees.”

They swam and cavorted around in the cold water like a couple of boys. Dakota made him feel like a boy when they were together like this. More and more he didn’t feel the need to be a father. They were more like friends.

“I hope the fire hasn’t died down,” Dakota said.

“Maybe we’d better go check on it,” Dell said.

They came out of the creek and made their way up the bank to their camp-site. The fire was down to a few flickering flames and red embers. “We got back just in time,” Dakota said as he squatted down and began poking in the embers and adding more wood. Dell came out of the tent and tossed him a towel, noticing that the boy’s cock was practically touching the ground. “Thanks.” He held it up to the fire for a moment then wrapped it around him. Dell did likewise with his towel. The night air had turned chilly, even beyond the breeze blowing over their naked, wet bodies.

“Hey, dad, it’s just me and you, is it okay if I sleep naked?” Dakota asked. “I do at home,” he added with a sheepish grin.

“I know.”

“How did you know?”

“You don’t think I’ve see your bare butt sticking out of the covers?”

“It’s okay, then?”

“Yeah, I will too.”

“That’ll be great,” said Dakota.

They went inside the tent and stretched out on the wide open sleeping bag, without the top one. “It’s warmer in here without the breeze blowing,” Dakota said. They talked some more, Dell trying to steer the conversation toward Dakota and his life. He wanted to know all he could about him; he had the feeling that once he was off to college, they would naturally drift apart. Dakota, in turn, seemed to want to talk about his dad. “Can I ask you something, dad?”

“You don’t have to ask,” Dell said.

“It’s pretty personal. It is personal,” he warned.

“Shoot. I don’t have to answer.”

“I’ve wondered aboutyou knowif you ever date or see women, since Mom died.”

Dell smiled. “Yeah, I date once in awhile. I’m not over your mom, but I’m working on it. I have to.”

“Nothing serious then?”

“No. I’m not looking for another mom for you, or a wife,” he said.

“No, I meantwell, I know how much you and mom loved each other and what a greatwell, you had a good sex life.”

“How would you know that?” Dell asked with a smile.

“You made a lot of noise, it was hard not to hear,” Dakota said.

“I’m glad your mother isn’t alive to hear you say that,” Dell said, laughing. He saw his son’s cock looked bigger and he thought it was amusing that he might be getting excited over his parents having sex. Suddenly, Dakota turned over onto his stomach. Pretending to sleep, Dell watched him squirm and hump the ground. He was in misery with a hardon and he couldn’t find a comfortable position.

“Hey, you don’t have to sleep on that thing or try and hide it,” he told him.

“I’m okay,” Dakota said.

“Yeah, right. Let me know when you strike oil,” Dell joked. The boy kept squirming, trying to lie still, for several minutes. “It’s not anything I haven’t seen before,” Dell told him.

“All right.” He turned over, his big, young cock swaying up over his belly.

“Well, I guess it has been awhile since I’ve seen you like that. When did you get so big?”

“I don’t know, it just keeps growing,” Dakota said.

“You’re damn near as big as me already,” Dell said.

“I hope I don’t get any bigger. I don’t know what I would do with it.”

“Can I ask you something, Dakota?”

“I think I know what you’re going to ask me, but go ahead.”

“Have you had sex yet?”

“Yeah, with this,” Dakota said, holding up his right hand. “I vowed I would wait till I was out of high school. It was tough, but I made it.”

“We’ve had the talk, so I don’t have to remind you about condoms.”

“I know.”

“You know about condoms? How to put them on?” Dell asked jokingly.

“Yeah, Billie swiped some of his dad’s condoms and he practiced putting them on,” the boy said. Dell nodded, smiling. “Only problem was, his dad must be awfully small, because I could barely get it on, and it was tight.”

“You and Billy try a couple of mine sometime,” Dell said. “They’re large size.”

“They come in sizes? I didn’t know that.”

“Yes. You’re going to need the larger size. They even come in extra-large for anyone lucky enough to need them.”

“I wouldn’t think needing extra-large condoms would be considered lucky,” Dakota said. “Where would you find a woman to take it?”

“There’re always women out there who can take it,” Dell said. He was noticing the boy’s cock throbbing and quivering up over his belly. “You can take care of that if you want to,” he told him.

“Naw, I’m okay,” Dakota said.

“It looks like it hurts,” Dell said. “If you want to take care of it so you can get some sleep, go ahead. Its nothing I haven’t done myself.” ] “Lately?” Dakota joked.

“What do you consider lately?” Dell asked.

“Within the last couple of days.”

“Not that lately.”

“When, then?”

“Within the last week or so,” Dell said.

“No kidding? You jack off, dad?”

“Doesn’t everybody?”

“Every guy I know does, but nobody thinks their dad does. Nobody’s dad ever admitted it anyway.”

“Well, now one has,” Dell said.

“I wish I could tell my friends that,” Dakota said.

“Go ahead, tell them.”

“No kidding? You don’t care?”

“Naw, I don’t care. Hell, their dads are doing it, too.”

Dakota reached down and squeezed his cock. He let go of it but then took hold of it again. “Hey, if you’re seriousif it’s okay”

“It’s okay only if I can watch,” Dell joked.

“Hell, dad, I don’t care if you watch,” Dakota said cockily.

Dell laughed. “I was just kidding,” he said as he squeezed the boy’s thigh and started to turn away from him.

“I don’t carein fact, I wouldn’t mind if you watched,” he said.

Dell turned back, onto his side, facing his son. He knew he had a curious look on his face and Dakota saw it. “Okay, you want me to watch, I’ll watch,” he said.

“This being maybe out last time like this together, Iwell, I feel closer to you tonight than I ever have in my life, and if I’m going to do it, Iwell, I want you to sort of share it with me.”

“Okay. I’m feeling pretty close to you, too, son. It’s hard seeing you grow up and starting your own life.” He dared to slide over so their bodies touched and he slipped his arm under Dakota’s head, cradling it on his bicep. Dakota switched hands and started jacking off with is left hand.

“Ah, ambidextrous, I see,” Dell joked. “You just about need two hands.”

Lying on his side next to his son, Dell’s cock brushed against Dakota’s right hand that he had laid between them. He had never allowed himself to have sexual feelings toward the boy, but he was having them now. His gaze was fixed on the boy’s big, capable hand slowly moving up and down the shaft of his oversized cock

“That’s a real handful,” he said. “You’re going to make some woman very happy.” Dakota didn’t say anything. Dell was horrified, then to feel his own cock, realizing that it was hard and throbbing against his son’s hip.

“Feels like you’ve got a pretty big handful developing, too, dad.” He eased back away from him and took hold of his own cock so it wouldn’t touch Dakota.

“It was okay, you didn’t have to move,” the boy said. Then he laughed softly and said, “You don’t need my permission, butyou can take care of that if you want to,” he added, laughing. He did need the boy’s permission, and having it frightened him. Why was Dakota tempting him so, and leading him on. He kept his hand between his own cock and Dakota’s hip.

“It’s nothing I haven’t done,” Dakota went on with his mischievous smile. Dell’s throat was so tight he could hardly breathe, let alone say anything. He kept his eyes glued to his son’s huge manhood while his brain became a whirl-wind in his head. “You’re making me feel a little conspicuous, dad, lying here jacking off by myself while you just lay there and watch and try to hide yours.”

“All right,” Dell said huskily as he tilted off his side so his cock was fully exposed to his son. He began to jack it off with the same rhythm as his son’s hand. Dakota turned his head to watch him.

“You ever do this with another guy when you were a kid?” Dakota asked.

“Yeah, didn’t you?” he replied honestly.

Dakota laughed. “Yeah, with Johnny Wilson,” he replied. “We did it when we were playing with our GI Joes. We would take GI Joe’s clothes off of him and jack off while we made up war stories. Then one day it happened.”

“What happened?” Dell asked.

“I had my first cum. I shot all over my GI Joe. I had a hell of a time getting him cleaned off, getting the stuff out of the joints,” he laughed.

Dell laughed with him. “How old were you?”

“I don’t knowabout twelve, I guess–old enough that I didn’t play with Johnny Wilson or my GI Joe after that.” He laughed softly. “I figured if I was old enough to shoot, I was too old to play with GI Joe.”

“That’s what I always liked about these camping trips, I always gained some new insight,” Dell said.

“I never told you anything like that before,” Dakota said. Their pace had picked up and Dell could see the precum ozing up out of Dakota’s cock. His taste buds came alive. It’d been so long Shit, not since the navy, when he was Dakota’s agethat one-time experience with a big marine. He wondered what Dakota would think of him if he

“Hey, you wanta change hands?” Dakota asked then, laughing. “I don’t mean left for right. Your hand for minemine for yours.” It was all the impetus he needed; an invitation he couldn’t refuse. Ironically, they both reached out at the same time, Dakota’s hand wrapping around his cock and his hand around his son’s. “Geezuss, son, I can barely get my hand around it,” he said. The navy experience came rushing out of the fog of his memory, clear as a bell, moving across his mind like a movie in slow motion. Except that instead of the marine, it was Dakota.

“I’m gonna miss these times” Dell said in a husky tone.

“Me too, especially now,” Dakota said. “Too bad we didn’t discover this about five years ago.”

Dell was losing the battle raging within him. If he didn’t stopif they didn’t stop soon, he was going to loose control. But he couldn’t let go of his son’s cock.

“Hey, let me know if I’m getting you too close, I’ll ease off. I don’t want us to blow yet,” Dakota said.

“I’mokay,” Dell said. “You, too.”

“I’m a long way from it,” the boy said. “I can last forever.”

Dell laughed. “You got that from me. Your mom” He quickly cut himself off.

“Mom what?”

“It doesn’t seem right, talking about your mom right now,” Dell said.

“Mom knew we were close.”

“Your mom always complained about me going on forever,” Dell said. “Not serious, of course; she liked that I could last so long. I never left her unsatisfied.”

“I sort of got that impression, from what I used to hear,” Dakota said with a warm smile.

Dell’s head was spinning with the new, unbridled desire that had suddenly unleashed. It felt like he was on poppers, which he hadn’t used in years. His mouth was watering so bad he was almost choking on his own spit. If he didn’t get away from him..it was going to be to late

“Some people would say this is perverted but your hand feels good,” Dakota said huskily as he thrust his cock up through is dad’s fist.

“Fuck other people,” Dell thought. “I can make it feel better.” He wished he had the courage to say the words out loud and he prayed for some force to deliver them to his son’s ears. But suddenly another force took over and he was leaning up over the boy, his eyes and desire concentrated on the boy’s huge cock.

“Dakota!” It came out a hoarse whisper and it was the only sound he could get out except for the guttural moan as he leaned down and took his son’s cock in his mouth. “Dad!…Fuck!” the boy cried out in shock. “AwwwhhhAww, Dad!… D-dad, w-what’re you d-doing? Ohhhhh, Godddawww, suck itsuck it, dad,” he whimpered as Dell moved his mouth up and down on the thick cock.

Precum was boiling copiously up out of the broad head and Dell lapped it up. He let some run out freely and it lubricated the back of his throat. It was like an oil slick at the back of his mouth and Dakota’s cock was sliding around in it each time he thrust upward. I can’t take him, Dell thought. He’s too big. I don’t know if I could even take him in my ass. That sailor was big, too, but

Dakota put his hands on the back of Dell’s head, guiding him downward, pushing his head down, trying to get him to take his cock in his throat. He couldn’t do it but he couldn’t stop and tell him that. He couldn’t stop till it was finished. If he rose up off of his son’s cock, the interruption would demand that words be spoken and he didn’t know what he would say; what he was going to say when it was over. But Dakota found his voice. “Take it, dad,” he whispered. “See if you can take all of it. I wanta see what its like to fuck your throat.”

Seconds ago it wasn’t an option. Now it wasn’t a choice. If Dakota wanted him to swallow his cock, he would do it. Anything the boy wanted. Anything to make this something he would never forget; something he would want to do again. Dell opened his throat as wide as he could, relaxing as much as he could, then began working Dakota’s cock into his throat. The head forced through the still-tight muscle-opening and he was on his way. He was surprised how easy it was after he got the head through.

“AwwwAwww, dadyou’re doing it! You’re swallowing my whole fuckin’ cock!” It was a long way down the thick tower of meat and the more he swallowed the more it seemed was left. But he was determined not to disappoint his son. At last the boy’s pubes were within reach. He forced his mouth lower till his lips brushed Dakota’s hair. Dakota took over from there and forced his cock up into his throat the rest of the way. “Aww, you’ve got it!” he gasped. “You’ve got all ten inches of my cock, dad!”

Ten inches! My God, how? He couldn’t believe he had ten inches of cock buried in his throat. He couldn’t believe that it was his own son’s cock. Dakota immediately started moving his cock back and forth in his throat. Taking it and being face-fucked with it were two different things. The thing was so big and stiff and straight that it eliminated the curvature of his throat and kept setting off his gag reflex. But he couldn’t stop. Not till he was over the top. He wanted to be the boy’s hero and heroes don’t wimp out.

Dakota was gasping and moaning and groaning as he squirmed his butt around and fucked Dell’s face. It was unintelligible at first but Dell soon realized that he was getting close as his moans became words.

“I’m getting close, dad,” he announced , but without letting go of his head. A moment later he let go. “I’m getting close dad!” he said again, this time a gasped warning. “Ohh, GeezusssOhhhh, Dadyou better get offyou better get off before Icum in your mouth! Ohh, DadAwww, please, you gotta stopget off of my cockI can’t hold it! AWWWWHHHHHHH!”

Suddenly his cock exploded in his throat. The stuff squirted out with such force that Dell was taken aback. Such force and volume! Cum was spurting out in such volume that it backed up and within a minute the boy had filled Dell’s mouth with warm, thick semen. He tried to swallow but his throat was full of cock. It helped gulp down the cum that was still shooting out of the big hunk of meat but then he couldn’t keep up with it and more of it came back in his mouth.

My God, when is he going to stop! The boy was a phenomenon! A stallion! He kept cumming and squealing and whimpering and groaning like he was in pain. Finally, Dell couldn’t handle it. He rose up, slowly extracting the big cock from his throat. When the head popped into his mouth it was engulfed by the warm swirling cum.

“Awww, that’s so hot!”

Dell swirled the stuff around the bulging head as he began to swallow. There was a lot of cum and it took several gulps to get it down. Finally, he was able to wash the thick head with his spit, till Dakota was lurching from the unbearable intensity of it.

“Aww, dadyou gotta stopplease, I can’t take any more”

It took great courage and effort to raise his head. Dakota’s cock fell wet and heavy across his stomach, still rubbery hard, unwilling to give up its erected state. Dell carefully avoided looking at his son as he lay back down beside him. He thought he should have got up and left but he didn’t want to appear to be running away. They lay in silence. For a long time the only sound was the night noises and their breathing. Dell wished Dakota would say something. As his dad, he should be the first to speak, but he had given up any right an obligation as his father. Dad’s don’t seduce and suck their son’s cocks. Dads nurture and lead by example. Dell was lamenting what he had lost, or given up, when Dakota spoke first.

“Damn, Dad,” he said quietly.

“I don’tknow how I should interpret that,” Dell said cautiously.

“Interpreted: That was the greatest thing that ever happened to me!”

“You don’t know how relieved I am to hear you say that.”

“Hey, I was the one who said I wanted you to watch me jack off. I was the one who asked if you wanted to jack each other off.”

“You didn’t say anything about me going down on you,” Dell said.

“It never crossed my mind that you would. I’m glad you had the guts to make the move.”

“I wish I could share your sentiments. I should have had the guts not to do it.”

“I’m eighteen, dad, and I could have stopped you. Given that, between two consenting adults, I don’t want you to think you did anything wrong.”

“It wouldn’t get me father-of-the-year award.”

“It does in my book.”

Yesterday it would’ve been illegal.

Today and the next day, it’s not.” Dell looked at him in mild disbelief. Dakota laughed. “You’re wondering about the “next day” part.”

“I’m wondering how I should interpret it,” Dell said.

“Interpreted: I wouldn’t mind it happening again. Can you imagine how many guys would give anything to have what we’ve got as father and son? To have this happen?”

“No, I can’t imagine,” Dell said.

“More than you know, I’ll bet. I can’t describe it, dad, how it makes me feel. It’s like having Brad Covington crawl in bed with you.” Dell gave him a curious frown. “Not the sex part, but how it makes me feel that you would do that for me.”

“I, uhI didn’t for myself. I wanted to make you feel good, but it was for me, too,” Dell said. “But what’s this Brad Covington thing?” he asked. Brad was a running back, graduated with Dakota. He was the proverbial stud.

“The guys’ a stud,” Dakota said.

“Yeah, that’s a pretty well accepted fact,” Dell said.

“So, I’ve hadwondered about it,” Dakota admitted.

“You’ve had the feelings too?”

“No, there were no feelings in particular except what one athlete feels for anotherrespect and admiration, maybe a little envy. But not the feelings you’re talking about. I just wondered, that’s all.” Dell didn’t pursue it. He would at a later time. “How long, Dad?” Dakota asked after a moment. “That was only my second time,” Dell said. “The first time was when I was your age, in the navy. He was a marine. It was a fluke; two guys who met up on leave and experimented around. I never did it again. I didn’t realize the feelings were still buried somewhere down deep inside me.”

“I’m glad you found out.”

“I am too, if you are. But nobody can ever know.”

“How would anybody know? It’s between me and you, dad.” He smiled. “I only wish those feelings had surfaced sooner. Look at all the time we’ve wasted.”

“There was no time wasted,” Dell said. “Yesterday, or any other time before yesterday, it wouldn’t have happened.”

“Well, its going to be great, coming home from college,” Dakota said.

“When you’ve gone off to college I want you to think about it, long and hard.”

“You want it to end here?”

“No,” he replied, too quickly. “But I want you to be sure you wanta take that road.”

“I don’t see it as taking any road. I’ll just be coming home to be with my dad, like every other college kid.”

“Not like every other college kid,” Dell said. “Every other college kid doesn’t go home to have sex with his dad.”

“So I’m one of the rare, lucky ones,” Dakota said.

“You may well be the only one,” Dell said.

“What if I’m not?” Dakota asked. “I meanwhat if I find somebody who else who you know, if the conversation came up, somehow, and I discovered another guy who was doing the same thing with his dad, or wanted to and was afraid to try it with his dad.”

“What about it?” Dell asked.

“Could I bring him home with me?”

“We would have to talk about that,” Dell replied. Dell worried and wondered how Dakota would act when they got home. He needn’t have worried. Over the next week before he was to leave for college, the boy was insatiable. His cock barely went down the whole time. He wanted it sucked as often as his dad would suck it. Dell was sorely tempted to take things to the next level. The idea scared him but he was equally tempted, and there wasn’t much time. He finally concluded that if Dakota was so okay with what they were doing he wouldn’t be not-okay if Dell took it a step farther. He waited till his last night home. After the car was packed they went out for dinner and talked father and son talk. When they got home Dakota wanted to borrow Dell’s truck to go see a couple of his friends.

“Should I expect you back?” Dell asked jokingly.

“Damn right,” Dell said. “You don’t think I’m going to miss my last night home, do you?”

“I guess I should ask; should I wait up?”

“You don’t need to. I’ll wake you up,” Dakota said. Dell dozed off a couple of times but he couldn’t sleep. He was awake when Dakota came in about midnight. The stage had been set; the bedside lamp was on low, almost a night light, and his bedroom door was open. When he heard Dakota coming up the stairs he stretched into the most welcoming position he could contrive, on his stomach with his arms overhead and one leg cocked out from the other. He pretended to be asleep. He came into his room and gently touched the back of his thigh. “Hey, dad, I’m home,” he whispered.

Dell ‘came awake’ and raised his head. “Have a good time?” he asked.

“Yeahokay” A smile crossed his lips. “Not as good a time as I thought I would have here.”

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Dell said. Dakota stood by the bed smiling. “What?” Dell asked.

“I was just wondering, the way, uh….you’re laying, stretched out like that with your butt sticking updoes that have some implied meaning? Is it an invitation?” he joked.

“If you’re ready for that, yeah, it could be construed as an invitation,” Dell said, clenching his butt muscles.

“Damn, you’ve got a great looking butt, Dad.” “All the better to” He let his words trail off and laughed.

“Are you serious? Tell me you’re serious,” Dakota said as he took off his clothes. “By the way, can I sleep with you tonight, my last night home?”

“I was hoping you would.”

By the time he was naked, Dakota’s cock was standing half-way out from his loins. “Are you sure?” he asked, stroking his cock as his dad looked at it.

“I’m not sure how, but yeah, I’m sure,” Dell replied.

Dakota swallowed hard as the truth or what his dad was saying soaked in. “I have to say it, dad, to believe ityou want me toto f-fuck you?”

“There’s the lube,” Dell said, nodding to the tube lying on the night stand.

“Oh, Man,” Dakota whispered. His cock suddenly bolted upright and throbbed violently. He stroked it a few times then picked up the lube. “Have you done this before?” he asked.

“Yes, once.”

“The marine?” Dakota asked as he squeezed the lube onto his cock.


“I didn’t ask, do you want me to use a condom?”

“If you want to; it’s not necessary,” Dell replied.

“Good, I hate condoms.” When he was lubed up, he started to lay the tube down but then offered it to his dad. Dell held out his hand for some lube and applied to his asshole. “Are we going to do it this way?” Dakota asked.

“To start out,” Dell replied. He spread his legs out and Dakota walked around to the foot of the bed. He came up over the foot of the bed on his knees, up between Dell’s thighs. “Whew! You’ve got a butt to die for,” he said.

“A good match for that killer cock of yours.”

“Is this going to hurt?” Dakota asked as he aimed his cock downward and pushed the head between his dad’s slick butt muscles.

“Not you,” Dell replied.

Dakota found his hole at the bottom of the crevice and nudged gently. “It’s not a pussy, it’s not gonna open up for you on its own,” Dell said. “You have to force your way in.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Let me worry about that,” Dell said

Dakota applied pressure and his manhood pushed against the flexible muscled around Dell’s hole. There was give but no entry. “I can’t tell if I’m in or not,” the boy said.

“You’ll know when you’re in,” Dell assured him. “You have to really push, like you mean it.” Dakota gave it a burst of power from his butt and thighs and the head of his cock popped through the tight hole.

“Awwwhhhhhhh!” he moaned as half of his cock was quickly swallowed up in the hot hole before he checked his entry. “Man, you were right!” Dell couldn’t talk for a minute. He gripped the sheet and the upper edge of the mattress and cringed with the pain. The boy was bigincredibly bigand it had been such a long time. “You okay, dad?”

“Yeah,” he gasped. “Go ahead,” he told him.

“I can wait”

“Don’t torture me,” Dell said. “Give it to me, all the way, let’s get it over with.”

“Shit, dad, if its something you need to get over with, I don’t wanta …”

“Are you going to fuck me or not?” Dell asked.

“Well, yeah, but”

“Then show me you know what that big horse cock is for,” Dell said. With that, Dakota buried his cock to the hilt. Dell tossed his head back and let out a choked gasp as he clawed the mattress.

“You told me to do that,” Dakota said.

“YeahYeahhhhh,” Dell gasped. “Oh, fuck you’re big!”

“And you’re tight,” Dakota said. “And hot. And alive.”

“I never asked you, Dakota, are you a virgin?” Dell asked.

“To this, I am,” he said. “With girls, no, but I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to girls,” he added. “Damn, I never had anything feel so good. Ohh, Goddd, squeeze it, dad squeeze my cockyeah, like that!” Dell tightened his asshole around the thick girth, milking it with the inner muscles of his ass. “Ohhh, that feels so good,” Dakota moaned.

“Have you figured out what that thing’s for, or am I going to have to do all the work?” Dell asked.

“I know what it’s for,” Dakota assured him as he withdrew back to the head. Then he shoved back in. He wasn’t brutal but it was a hard, determined thrust that sent the head of his cock deep inside his dad’s guts.


“That doesn’t sound like it hurt,” Dakota said.

“It don’t hurt,” Dell said.

“Then I’m gonna fuck you,” the boy said. He pulled back again, and thrust in, then out and back in, setting his pace. Dell stretched his arms out and grabbed hold of the sides of the mattress. He gasped and moaned with each thrust. “That feeling okay?” Dakota asked.

“Aww, yeah, its feeling fine,” Dell said. “Ohhhfuck mefuck me you little stud.” He thought it would be over in minutes. Being his first time fucking another man, he thought the boy would have no control. How wrong he was. Dakota had absolute control, and he knew how to move, probing at every angle, driving deep, twisting his hips around in circles to make his cock lob around inside his dad’s ass. “Geezusss, where did you learn to fuck like that?” Dell gasped.

“Watching X-rated videos,” he replied.

“Whew! There’s some experience thrown in there. Nobody learns how to fuck like that from watching videos.”

“Okay, so I’ve had some on-the-job training,” Dakota admitted.

“You can change positions any way you like,” Dell told him.

“YeahHow long do you wanta go, dad?”

“As long as you want to–as long as you can last,” Dell replied.

“You might be sorry you said that.” He wasn’t, but by the time Dakota pumped him full of hot, thick semen, he was wearing out. Dakota acted like he’d just started out. Dell was on his back with Dakota on top, holding his dad’s legs hard against his chest as he pounded his wide-open, vulnerable ass. The boy held him like that for a long time while his cock turned to hard, pulsating rubber inside him. “Did you feel that?” Dakota asked him.

“Hell, yes, it felt like somebody turned a hot fire hose on.”

“I wonderedyou didn’t groan or anything.”

“Oh, I groaned. I practically screamed, but I couldn’t make any noise. You had me bent in half so tight I couldn’t breath.”

Dakota slowly extracted his cock from his dad’s clenching asshole. The rim caught just inside the tight muscle and he had to tug hard to pull it out. “Wow! Your asshole is wide open,” he said. “It’s clenching but it don’t close.”

“Shit, I wonder why, after having a fence post shoved in there.”

“OhhhOHhhh, that’s so hotits working my cum up through the gaping hole. It’s running out!” Dell looked at his son’s rubbery cock swinging out from his loins. It looked even bigger, thick and meaty and stretched.

“Don’t tell me I had all that buried in my ass,” he said.

Dakota laughed as he let his dad’s legs down on either side of him. Then he crawled up and lay beside him. For a moment there was only sound of the heavy breathing. “I gotta tell you, dad, that was the greatest thing that ever happened to me,” he said. “I know, I said that when you sucked my cock for the first time, but this surpasses even that.”

“I just wish we had more time,” Dell said.

“For what? We’ve done it all, haven’t we?”


“Hey, we’ve got the reset of the night

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