Pirates’ Tavern

                          One of the domination and spanking stories

            It was my first night working in the tavern. The place was rough and full of big and tough looking men, all outlaws of one kind or another. The tavern was right next to the sea and as the wind whistled around and the sea crashed against the rocks the place was heaving with the meanest looking pirates. A big log fire was crackling away and candles on the walls illuminated the dull yet daunting room sent eerie flickering shadows dancing into the deepest of corners.

            I was only eighteen years old, good looking and still very naive to the world’s ways. My father, a poor farmer, had got fed up with my dreaming of a better life and decided I needed to see more of what really goes in the world. So, before I knew it, he had secured me a job and lodgings at the tavern.

            My boss was a terrifying big man who made us call him and everyone else “sir”. He was the hairiest man I’d ever seen. Long tufts of black hair stuck out of his open shirt right up to his neck joining his thick beard and moustache that hung lazily down. His arms where thick with muscle and he had powerful looking thighs. Nobody argued with him and he was strict with me and the other young men who worked for him. There were four of us who worked for him, all about the same age, darting backwards and forwards delivering tankards of ale and dark rum.  We all wore the same uniform of tight trousers that covered us down to our knees and white shirts left open down to our navel. We wore no under garments and the tightness of our trousers showed off the muscles off our youthful backsides and the size and shape of our cocks as they snaked down our thighs.

            I looked up after serving yet another tankard of ale and suddenly it was like everything was in slow motion. I watched with alarm as Peter, a blond haired skinny bloke a year or two younger than I, trip over. The drink he was carrying flew through the air and, as he tried desperately to grab it, he also went down. His face contorted with anxiety as the drink flew into the face of a bear like man playing cards. The whole room froze in deathly silence as everyone turned and looked. I was surprised when Peter lay on the floor curled up and put his arms over his head. He was shaking. It didn’t take five seconds to realise why as the big bear of a man stood up sending his chair flying. His face was red with fury as he undid a wide leather belt from around his big waist. He bent over, grabbed Peter by the neck and bent him over the table. Everybody gathered in closer, including my boss, as we all watched. The big man doubled up his belt and hung it over in a loop as he looked down on the lad’s arse. Peter was begging for forgiveness but was quickly silenced as the bear put his fingers into the waist band of Peter’s trousers and yanked them straight down to his ankles revealing his pearly white globes.

            ‘Step out of them and spread your legs boy,’ the bear growled menacingly.

            Peter sobbed as he did so and, as he spread his legs, I could see right onto the crack between his cheeks. I felt my cock thicken at the view in front of me as my eyes devoured the dusting of hair around his tight rim. Nobody seemed to move in the room for a few seconds and then the big bear of a man put one hand on the small of Peter’s naked back and bought the belt up in the air with his other hand. I saw the white knuckles on Peter’s hands as he gripped the table.
            ‘What is this by thunder, why aren’t you three working?’ my boss shouted out into the room. He was staring at the three of us standing there mesmerised and the power of his voice halted the bear; his arm hung in mid air. ‘I don’t pay you to just stand there,’ he roared and put his hands into his own belt wrapped around his own thick waist. ‘I think it’s about time you all learned a lesson or two.’

            The room was suddenly in an uproar of cheering and laughter as the nearest and stockiest of the men grabbed us and bent us over different tables.
            ‘I’m having the new one’s arse,’ my boss shouted as he strode forward. He took off his belt at the same time. I watched in horror (and a strange excitement) as the two other’s trousers were pulled down. They where made to step out of them and spread their legs. My cock was rock hard as I watched three big men fondling the others’ naked backsides whilst they waited for my boss. I felt the tension high and electric as my boss stood behind me. I felt his coarse hairy fingers scrape against my skin as he pulled my own trousers down, then off. As soon as I was half naked I could feel the air sweep over my crack and over my balls. I felt so vulnerable.
            ‘That’s a fine arse you’ve got there,’ my boss said and I felt his fingers slide between my spread cheeks and over my crack. Goose pimples went up and down my spine and a sigh of pleasure escaped my lips. I could still see Peter’s arse spread open in front of me and saw that now the bear had a finger shoved up his tight little hole. I nearly jumped out of my skin as my boss’ warm hand went between my legs and felt my dangling bollocks. I was so turned on I tried to open my legs even further as his hand slid up my aching hard on now digging into my flat stomach. I heard him laugh out.
            ‘Looks like we’ve got a live one here men,’ he said, still laughing as his big thumb circled the pre-cum around my throbbing knob. ‘Let’s make this into a bit more fun for all of us.’ He rolled my foreskin back over my mushroomed head.  ‘The first one of you young men to shoot their load gets away with a good beating for tonight but only tonight.’

            I was certain it would be me. I could already feel something dribbling down my shaft and on to my hairy bollocks. Everybody cheered except for Peter. He already looked in great pain as the big bear roughly shoved another finger into him. Then, as my boss began stroking my cock up and down and rubbed one of his thick fingers around my crack, I saw the bear drop his trousers and long johns. The other men cheered louder. I watched his big furry arse move forward and I heard Peter scream as the bear rammed his dick into him.
            I heard my boss laugh evilly at the scream and, even though I was terrified, I moaned out in pleasure as his finger pushed past my rim and sank all the way into me. He carried on stroking my hard cock.
            I felt my balls begin to tighten and my legs began to shake and knew I was about to shoot the biggest wad of hot spunk all over the floor when, without warning, my boss grabbed my nuts and squeezed really hard, stopping me from ejaculating.
            ‘You’re not going to be the first; I’m going to make sure of that. I want to fuck your sweet arse but not before my belt has marked it and mark it good I shall. I want to feel the heat glowing from your cheeks as my dick slips into your little man cunt.’ He whispered all this sadistically into my ear.

            I’d never been spoken too like that before and, even though pain wrenched through my entire body as he pulled my nut sac back as far as possible, I was turned on more than ever. A loud cheer went up and I turned my head to the side and saw Gabriel, one of the other lads, shoot his juicy cum into a waiting hand. I could also hear flesh slapping against flesh and moved my head around again just in time to see the big bear who was fucking Peter slam his dick in real hard, his body shook all over. I knew he was unloading himself into Peter’s young arse as he howled out loud into the full room.
            ‘Gabriel, go and serve our customers before I change my mind, and as for the rest of you, let your punishment begin,’ my boss shouted out to a cheering room as the big bear took his spent cock out of Peter’s rectum. Even though I knew I was about to get the beating of my life I could still feel my pre-cum slithering down my cock as I watched the big bear grab a hold of his belt and pull his arm up. I could see spunk still dribbling out of his piss slit in a ropey line and I also saw his hot dribbling spunk glistening between Peter’s cheeks as it spread down onto his tight bollocks and down the insides of his thighs.

            The next thing I saw was white lightning before my eyes as my boss’ belt sliced hard onto both my cheeks at the same time. WHACK! I screwed my eyes tight in the hope the searing pain would go away but he didn’t give me a chance even to get my breath back as he whacked the belt almost straight away onto the exact same place. This time my eyes snapped open with the pain and I saw Peter’s arse; a mass of bright red lines all over his once white cheeks. The big bear was hard again and, as my own arse was being beaten, he spread Peter’s hot cheeks apart and began to belt him right on his cum drenched hole. Peter screamed for mercy as did the other lad who was being beaten. But, even though my arse was on fire, I actually wanted more. I started to move my arse upwards every time I knew the belt was coming down. Tears were streaming down my face and the room became a blur as the belt continued to slice into my skin. And yet my cock staid hard the whole time.

            ‘Open it!’ roared my boss growling voice. I didn’t know what he meant so did nothing and he whacked my arse with such force I screamed out. ‘Open your fucking mouth and suck that dick in front of you,’ he ordered again as the belt came crashing down on my burning flesh.

            I felt something slap against my lips and forced myself to focus. Right in front of me stood an erect dick with its foreskin rolled back. I didn’t know what to do. I was a virgin and up until tonight I hadn’t seen anybody else’s naked body. Another slice of the belt made me scream out again and before I knew it the man in front of me shoved his big fat knob end into my open mouth. He grabbed my hair and pushed more of his cock into me. My eyes bulged and my mouth ached with stretching as he pumped his cock in and out. The belting stopped and my boss spread my scorched cheeks wide open with his big coarse hands. I don’t know where it came from but the next moment I heard myself moaning out with the deepest of pleasure as his wiry beard scraped against the inside of my tender cheeks and over my arsehole. The cock in my mouth worked its way further down my throat. From around the room I heard other moans and groans and the occasional slapping of hot flesh. Something warm and wet touched the outside of my hole and I nearly came as it worked its way into me. The hard cock in my mouth twitched and I felt hot liquid gush down my throat making me choke.
            ‘Don’t you dare spit! You shall swallow every last drop,’ the man said as he gripped harder onto my hair.

            Somehow I managed to take all of his spunk down my throat and found myself enjoying its salty sweet taste. I was disappointed when he withdrew his softening cock from my tender lips. Somebody else replaced him straight away. He wasn’t quite as big so I managed to take him easily. A finger had now replaced my boss’ tongue up my arse and he kept on spanking me with his hand as he added a second then third finger into me. I was being used for everybody’s pleasure and couldn ’t get enough. My breathing got heavier and heavier as experienced fingers danced around in and out of my hole; all the time his other hand milked my tightening bollocks. Once again as I was on the verge of shooting my load he squeezed and pulled back my nuts as far as he could, stopping me from coming. I felt him stand up behind me and he tapped his thick cock against my wet hole.
            ‘Now hold on tight boy this is really going to hurt and whether you want it or not my cock is going to cum right up that sweet arse of yours.’

            I trembled with fear and excitement as his cock pressed against my entrance. I felt my hole opening and stretching as he pushed forwards into me. Pain wracked my body and I felt as if I needed the toilet as he took my arse. I screamed out loud and tried to get away as more of his cock drove into me.
            ‘You’re going nowhere sonny boy,’ I heard him say as he gripped harder onto my hips.

            I thought I was going to pass out and that my arse hole was going to rip wide open as he lunged his dick in one more time. My head went giddy as I felt his pubes against my hole and he pulled himself out again. My hole snapped shut straight away only to be invaded again as with one hard push he entered me right to the hilt. The man I was sucking on pulled his cock out and stroked his cock in front of me as two other men joined him stroking their own man meat. They watched my expression turn from pain to pleasure as my boss rode my arse hard and fast. As the pain ebbed away I wanted more of his thick cock and kept thrusting my firm arse backwards meeting his cock as it thrust forwards. Somebody pulled my hair making me face upwards and as I did so I was rewarded with all three men shooting their scorching spunk into my face and hair at the same time. My boss wrapped his arm around my waist and began stroking my aching dick as he pounded himself into me. It didn’t take long before I felt my legs begin to shake and a strange feeling ran up my legs and into my bollocks and I howled out into the room as gush after gush of my own hot sperm shot out under the table. My boss soon unloaded himself into me and before I knew it somebody else had replaced him and I was sucking on another hard cock.

            I lost count how many men took me that night and later, whilst I was scrubbing all the spunk and spilt drink of the floor, I knew I would be working at the pirate’s Taverna for a long time to come. A very long time.

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