It was 9:30pm on a Thursday Night. I had just left a meeting with some business associates in downtown NYC. I was debating taking the Path back home to NJ, or spending some time in the city. I wasn’t really hungry, but could use a drink, so I decided to go to a bar. But where? I called my girlfriend, told her I was going to stay in the city for a few more hours, so I wished her a good night, and told her not to wait up for me.

Not only was I in need of a drink, but I was horny as hell. Not horny for pussy, but really wanted to suck a nice big rock hard cock. I’m what you may define as a size queen. As a closeted bi-sexual, it’s what I like. I thought of this bar I went to on Christopher St. a few years ago, it was a gay bar, and I was more than certain I could get off. So I flagged a Taxi and headed to the bar.

I walked in, the room was fairly large, with a bar shaped like an oval, in the center was the bartender and all the liquor. The place was relatively quiet, just a few people sitting at the bar, a couple older men singing at the piano to the farther end of the place. Except for the bartender the crowd was really not anything worth looking at, at least not my type. So I said to myself, “fuck it” I’ll get a beer and leave. I sat down, ordered a beer, and the bartender a young guy, I say around my age 25 or so, but had smooth dark skin, almost a caramel complexion, most likely from tanning, served me my drink. He was definitely good looking, but very feminine, probably a bottom, so I knew it wouldn’t work out. I was about to pay him, but he said the drink was taken care for. I asked who, and he pointed to a man sitting at the opposite end of the bar. The guy he pointed to had to be over 60 years of age. He had a helmet gray-white hair, slightly wrinkled face, yet distinguished looking, he was wearing a dark suit, with a white buttom down shirt and a red tie. He may have been good looking at one time, but right now he seemed to me to be nothing more than an old man, not my type at all. I looked at the old man, smiled, tilted my head in despair, and faintly asked myself, why? Now I was rushing to drink my beer, and leave as quickly as I could, hoping my old man admirer would not want a conversation with me. Maybe buying me a drink was enough to get him off. At least I hoped. And then sure enough, he stood up, made his way around the bar, and sat right next me. He was a tall man, I say about 6’2″. His body was average looking, not muscular, but not soft either. He looked firm.

“Is this seat available.”

“Yes, please sit.” I reluctantly said. What was I supposed to say?

“My name is Harry,” the old man said extending his hand.

“I’m Jack.”

“Well Jack, how are you.”

“Not bad, just tired, thought I’d stop here for a drink, then make my way home.”

“You live in New York Jack.”

“No, I actually live in New Jersey,” I whispered.

“I’m from LA, arrived here yesterday, for a business meeting.”

“That’s nice.”

The pleasantries continued for about five minutes, Harry did most of the talking, and answered yes or no. At some point I thought the old man would get the hint, but he seemed oblivious, or maybe just persistant. All of a sudden, he began to talk about sex, and it was then I was ready to leave.

“You know Jack, I’ve come to this bar several times in the past, and I can remember there being guys sucking each other, right on top of this bar. How times have changed, and I can’t begin to tell you how I’d love a blow job right now.” Now the old man gave me this sick looking grin that I immediately, got up, and said abruptly, “I have to go.

Then Harry grabbed my arm forcefully. I was immediately startled, I never thought this old man could have such strength, and then he said to me, “I have a proposition for you, how would you like to make a thousand dollars.”

“How” I replied. I love money, so when you over me a proposition where I can make money I’m all ears.

“Jack, come with me to my hotel room, suck my dick, and I’ll pay you $1,000.”

I said no way, but at the same time I declined, I was debating whether to do it. Hell it’s money, money I don’t have, but then I’d have to suck this old man little wrinkled weiner. I couldn’t, no way. And then the old man said:

“$2,000, no string attached, just suck me off.”


“What the hell,” I said. And I accepted.

About an hour later, in a taxicab, without a word said between the two of us, we made it to his hotel. I was surprised to see that it was the Plaza Hotel. I figured the guy was wealthy, I mean after all how many men offer $2,000 to a kid at a gay bar for a blowjob. But then again, it was an old man, so anything was possible, at least I thought.

We entered the lobby, and made our way to the elevator, and he hit the penthouse button. Ok the guy definitely had money. Even if his business paid for the trip, the underlings most certainly do not get a penthouse suite at the Plaza Hotel. We exited the elevator and entered his room, and it was magnificent. Marble floors, windows 2 stories high, wet bar, etc. etc. just beautiful. He asked me to wait in the living room area, as he changed, and told me to make myself at home. I walked to the bar, made myself a drink, sat on the couch and waited for him.

Honestly I could not wait for this to end. I just wanted the money. Whatever horny urges I had were gone. You see, I like men my age with big cocks. That’s it. This man, I figured could barely get a hard on, so I was dreading the thought of even have to look at his cock, forget sucking it. But $2,000, how could I refuse.

About 10 minutes later, he walked into the living room, wearing only a white bath rob. His posture was excellent, he stood straight up, actually I thought he kind of looked sexy in that rob, kind of like those distinguished rich men in movies. But again, nothing I would want to be naked with.

He walked up to me, and without a word handed me a wad a of hundred dollar bills, I knew it to be the money promised to me, I thanked him and put it in my pocket.

I was seated at the edge of the couch cushion, and it was then he started to untie his rob, I made what seemed to be a loud gulp of fear, I closed my eyes, he opened the rob, he pushed the sides under his arms, at that point I opened my eyes, and what I say was completely unhuman. His cock hung like that of a horse. It had to be at least 9 inches long, and it was still flaccid. It was uncut, and his foreskin, hung ever so slightly over the head of his cock. His manhood was so thick, it reminded me of a fire hose. The shaft was smooth looking, no marks visible, not even a beauty mark. And his balls looked like two golf balls hanging in a sack. They were low and huge. Only a little gray hair above his cock, but the cock and balls were free of any hair. It was georgeous.

The old man looked down at me and smiled, “You didn’t expect that Jack, did you.”

I laughed, and said no way.

I cupped my right hand under his cock, and lifted it towards my mouth. You may have needed a crane to lift his manhood up, it was incredible. With my hand I pushed the foreskin back and revealed the monstrous head, opened my mouth and slowly let his cock enter. I sucked on it like it was a lollipop. It tasted so muscular and so manly. I felt his cock pulsate in mouth, as it grew, yes it grew, bigger and bigger. I couldn’t believe it. After a few minutes his cock was almost a foot long, maybe bigger. It was incredible. I kept sucking on it, jerking it off with my right had. His cock was so big my hand could not, would not grip totally around it. I pulled on his balls, occasionally licking them, but my main goal was to make love to that cock. As I sucked him, I started playing with my own hard-on through my pants, and then he asked me if I’d like to strip, I immediately took all my clothes off, and jerked my cock as I sucked him. He kept moaning, telling me I was a great cocksucker. He placed his two hands behind my head and thrusted his cock in my mouth. At one point I tried to deep throat him, getting almost half his cock in my throat. This was a size queens dream, and I was in complete extasy. After a few minutes more, he said he was ready to cum.

“Jack you want this cum in your mouth.”

“Yes, please yes.”

He took his cock out of my mouth, jerked it off, and came in my mouth, all over my face, on my chest. Everywhere. It felt like gallons of hot jizm all over me. Then I came, what also seemed like gallons, all over my chest. I was lying on the couch like a man whore, covered in cum like a little slut. I loved it.

“How was that Jack”

“Harry, it was unbelievable.”

The old man laughed and got me some towels. And then asked if I wanted to shower. I said yes. I couldn’t exactly go home to my girlfriend with cum in my hair.

We walked into a shower stall, made for two, and the two of us went under the running water, washing ourselves off.

“So Jack, you seemed very surprised.” Harry said.

“I never expected your cock to be so big,” I admitted.

“Most people don’t, it’s 14 inches long you know.”

“Really,” I said, thought I do think he may have been exaggerating, then again, I had it measured at 12″, so really when your that big whats an extra 2″.

I then said, “truth is, I love big cocks, so I was pleasantly surprised.

He then laughed, “well young man you are the best cocksucker I’ve ever had, never has anyone made love to my cock with their mouth like you.

I didn’t say it, but his cock made love to me.

“Jack, you have a nice man,” Harry said as he looked down on my bubble butt.

I hesitantly thanked him, I mean he could look, but don’t put anything in there.

A few minutes later we dried off, and he asked me if I wanted a drink, maybe we could spend few minutes in the Jacuzzi.

I was hesitant at first, but then I stared at that monstrous cock again, and said yes. After all, I should earn my money right.

A half-hour or so, we were in the tub, talking about work, his wife, my girlfriend. It was then I learned this man was a billionaire, highly successful, and In the same business work as me. I was actually intrigued by this man, and it was then he asked me,

“Jack, I’m mesmerized by your ass, I would love to fuck it.”

“Sorry, Harry, but I don’t do that.” Truth is, I love to suck, be sucked, once or twice I even fucked a guy in the ass, but that is the extent of my gayness. I can’t even take that pain of a finger in my ass, forget that monstrosity. There was no way.

“Jack, I’ll pay you an extra $5,000 to fuck you.”

“Look Harry, I just can’t take the pain.”

“I’ll be gentle, I promise, how about $6,000.”

This is a guy who gets what he wants and pays to get it. Reluctantly I accepted, but implored he had to use so lube. He imediatley got out of the tub, brought over a bottle of lube, and the told me to lift my ass out of the water and bend over the tub. At first he started to lick my hole. He was an odd feeling, but then it felt kind of good. My cock was getting harder. My ass was his pussy, and he was licking it like crazy. I was beginning to really love it. Then a felt his lubed finger enter, and then the pain, increased. I wanted to scream, but closed my eyes, and coped with the agony. As his left finger was fucking my ass, I felt his right hand cup my semi-hard cock now, and he jerked me off as he finger fucked me. I then became hard as a rock, and was again enjoying the ass play.

“You got a pretty big cock there Jack.

Actually I’ve always had compliments about my cock, it’s 8 inches, cut, 6″ thick. But compared to this man, it was nothing.

It was a minute or too later, the old man stood up. I heard him rub lube on his manhood, then felt some on my ass, and his cock, pushed against my hole, and then I felt complete agony, despair, pain beyond my wildest imagination. I let out a moan louder than I have ever screemed, and his huge fire hose entered my ass. He thrusted slowly, then a bit faster. He was gentle but the pain never subsited. I just wanted him to cum. He asked if I liked it, and I whispered an unconvincing yea. It was then he stopped and ordered me to relax. He said if I relaxed my ass muscles, it would feel better. Relax I have the fucking Sears Tower in my Rear, and you want me to relax. But I did, he thrusted again, and all of a sudden, my cock became rock hard, the of his cock in my body, went right through me. My ass was his pussy, and I was his little whore, I liked it. My moans changed from that of agony, to that of pleasure. I then couldn’t believe my ears, I told him to go faster. And he did, he went all the way in, his balls slapping against mine, faster and faster. I jerked my cock off like crazy, I was ready to cum, just holding back waiting for him, and then he pulled out and came all over my ass, I came, it was amazing. He rubbed the cum with his cock all over my newly fucked ass. I turned around to look at him, and he smiled.

“How did you like that Jack.”

“Harry I can’t believe it, it was great.”

“Better than sucking.”

“I enjoyed it Harry, but I’d rather suck your dick.”

“Well it could be an occasional thing we do.”

What the hell is he talking about, he’s going back to LA. Maybe just a wrong choice of words. But then he said:

“Jack, I have an office here in NYC, and in desperately needs a manager. Since you and I are in the same business, and from my conversation with you, I think you would be the perfect manager. How would you like the job?”

“How much does it pay?” I asked.

“$200,000.00 a year.”

“Oh my, but what’s the catch.”

“No catch, other than, every now and then I may need you to accompany me on some business trips. Once a while I may need you to fly to LA, to give me one of those great blowjobs.”

“What am I then your hired whore,” I said laughing.

He then grinned, and said, “if that’s what you’d like to call it. I’ll make you into one of the most richest business men in country, you’ll have a mind unlike any other, and in return, I want to see you at anytime, within reason, when I’m horny.”

I then said, “Well big guy I am yours, I accept.”

“Good Jack, you are going to have a great time, and not just with me, I’ll pay for other men to join us, with cocks bigger than mine, and if you want a woman, threesomes foursomes orgies, whatever you want, I’ll provide. But there is one more thing.”

“What’s that Harry.”

“I’m horny, come here and suck my dick.”

I took his enormous cock in my mouth, and sucked my new boss again. This is definitely going to be the best job I’ve ever had.

It has been four months since I started working at Harry’s company, and let me tell you, it has been a dream. The job is working better than I could have ever imagined, I’m making more money I ever thought possible, and achieving status I never knew existed. I proposed to my girlfriend and gave her a 3-karat diamond ring. WE just bought a beautiful townhouse, and furnished it brand new. Work could not be better, and as for my sex life, I’m blissful. I have my fianc�’s pussy anytime I need it, and then I have Harry, to satisfy the other urges I have, life could not be better.

Harry just got into the city this morning, I just finished my work and I’m on my way to his hotel room. Harry and I meet at least once a month, sometimes twice. I come over to his hotel room, and we usually just sit and talk over a cold drink. Truthfully Harry has become more to me than just a fuck buddy, but is a confidant and a friend. Sex with us isn’t a lovey dovey thing, it’s just something we do to relieve stress, and fulfill the secretive urges we both feel. When I come over we are just too guys hanging out, no kissing, or caressing, just two guys talking. When the night winds down, we undress, and he places his large 14 inch uncut cock in my mouth, I suck him to completion, and swallow every last drop. When I suck him he doesn’t run his hands through my hair like I’m some girl sucking on him, I’m a man, and he treats me like a man, pushing his cock as far down my throat as it will go. This was one problem I had with being with men, I love to suck cock, and I enjoy it immensely, but most men treat you like their girlfriend, rubbing your face, touching your nipples, caressing your skin.

Fucking stop it man, you want to fuck a woman, then fuck your girlfriend, treat me like a man. (I’m sure some of my readers understand what I’m saying, after all many of us are classified as bi, or as I classify myself, straight yet explorative) With Harry that doesn’t exist, and it’s why I enjoy being with him. We are two friends, both with other women, both love women, but also have an urge to be with a man, and take advantage of that urge. Every now and then, Harry even sucks my cock. I’m not sure if he likes it, but I think he does it as reciprocation. But surprisingly he gives a great blowjob, and he too swallows every drop of my young sperm. AS for fucking, he hasn’t fucked me since the first time. I’m kind of disappointed, even though I did not enjoy it much; I kind of miss his huge cock inside of me. I don’t’ crave it, but I think of it, and sometimes wish he’d tell me to bend over, but I think he enjoys the blow jobs a little to much, so in a way, the fact that he doesn’t bring it up, may be a compliment.

So I enter Harry’s room, and he greets me with a handshake. We talk about work, he talks about his wife and kids, and I talk about the planning of the wedding. We sit and drink, and talk for about an hour. As I was mentioning the amount of people coming to the wedding, he unzips the fly to his pants, and nonchalantly pulls out his cock. It hangs right over the edge of his pants, semi hard, hanging, like a radiator hose, I’d say about 6 inches.

“Jack, would you suck my dick.”

No need to ask twice, I come over to him, lie on my knees, and aim his cock into my mouth and suck. Up and down, my mouth goes, my tongue rubbing on the back of his cock. Cupping his hairless balls in my hands, I increase speed as I allow his cock to fuck my mouth. A few moments later, quicker than usual, he unloaded his cum down my throat, and said in a whisper, after the moans, “Jack you give the best head.”

It was at this time, I was jerking my cock fast ready to cum, and he said don’t, I have another surprise for you. What could it be I thought, and then there was on knock on the door.

“Perfect Timing,” Harry said, as he walked to the door. I immediately put my pants back on.

The door opened and in walked in a thug locking black man. Not to stereotype, just being descriptive, but this man looked like he was selling drugs on the corner, or just shot the clerk down the street. He was a real criminal looking black man. Skin as black as the dark night sky, stood at about 6’5″ wearing baggy ripped up jeans, and a black south pole jacket, 5 sizes too big. He hadn’t shaved what appeared to be 4 or 5 days. What is this man doing here, I asked myself?

“Jack this is your present. His name is Tyrone, we have been friends for a long time; he handles all the dirty work of the business. He has my utmost confidence.”

“Hi, nice to meet you,” I said, with dry cum hanging out of my mouth.

“Yea,” Tyrone said in a low tone voice.

“Now Jack, Tyrone has a cock just as long as mine, but as thick as a beer can, and has lots of foreskin, just like you like it. Now Tyrone isn’t gay, or bi, he used to sell his cock to make ends meet, till I hired him.”

I began to laugh, thinking Tyrone is another one of me, hired to work for Harry, in return for sex. And then I remembered, a month ago I told Harry I would love to suck on a real hung black man, but I mentioned, I would want a thug looking man, I found that kind of black guy more attractive. A real manly looking criminal, if you know what I mean. And here he was.

“No Jack, it’s not what you think, Tyrone and I have never had any type of sex, it’s a long story. But the other day, I asked Tyrone if he would mind me buying his cock for someone, and he said sure.”

“And man, I won’t tell anyone.” Tyrone said.

“So Jack, are you ready for your surprise.”

Before I could answer Tyrone came up to me, unzipped his fly and said, “Ok now white boy, take my fucking cock out and suck on it.”

I moved my hand in between the slit, caused by the opening of the fly, I then noticed he had on no underwear on, I then felt the skin of his cock, and pulled his weighty man hood out. The length and thickness was no exaggeration. Flaccidly hanging out of his pants, it was delicious looking. A true mahogany rod. I took a smell of his manly must. He was not at all dirty, as I may have expected, the smell of soap still noticeable. I without hesitation opened my mouth as wide as I could, pulled back the hanging foreskin, and stuck his cock deep in my mouth.

“That’s it you fucking white boy, suck that nigger cock,” he said.

And I did what I was told. Faster and faster, the tip of his cock rubbing against the roof of my mouth, covering my teeth by bending my lips back, and using my tongue licking the bottom of his rod. His cock got harder and thicker, my jaw was aching, painfully aching, but I did not want to stop, I was compelled to keep sucking. Within minutes, he was completely naked. His body was perfectly sculptured. A man of god, without question. I pulled on his balls as I made love to his cock. His hairless sack hung at least 5 inches from his cock, with balls the size of golf balls.

Harry was sitting beside me on the couch, jerking his massive cock as I continued to suck my new friend.

“You fucking piece of shit white boy, you like that cock don’t you.”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes, sir, you fucking maggot.”

Here I was being forced by this black man, dominating me like a submissive whore.

“Ok white boy, you suck cock good, lets see about that asshole.”

Fear struck me, this man was going to stick his thick enormous cock inside me, Harry’s I could barely take, now this guy, but then at the same time, I wanted it. I’ve been thinking about it as I told you earlier. So hesitantly yet needing, I turned my body over, and stuck my naked ass in his face.

“Stop, Tyrone.” Harry said. “He doesn’t like that.”

“It’s ok,” I said. Harry shut the fuck up.

Before Harry finished his sentence, Tyrone was eating my asshole, rubbing his tongue and fat lips over my hole, eating it like a pussy. I jerked my cock off, as the feeling of his wet tongue in my hole was almost unbearable in pleasure.

Then he stood up, put some lotion Harry gave him on his cock, lubricated my ass, and began to enter my tight hole. Oh my, I know I screamed louder than I had wanted as his cock entered me. The pain was too much, and I pulled back.

“No way you fucking faggot, I’m fucking you, you’re not pulling back.”

And with one heavy thrust he was all in me. And he didn’t try and slow down; no he fucked me as fast and hard as he could. The pain subsided, partially because I was numb, and then the feel of pleasure moved through my body. My cock, hardened up, and I heard my self saying, “fuck me you damn nigger.”

“What the fuck you call me.”

“You heard me I replied, fuck me.”

“You asked for it you little white boy.”

He went even faster, hitting my ass with his hand, working on me to cause as much pain as possible, but I loved it. About 20 minutes later of this continuous pounding, I felt his cock thrust inside me, he was about to cum, I could feel it. He immediately pulled his cock out, turned me over with all the force his body could permit, and put his cock in my mouth, and told me to swallow every drop.

And I did, at least I thought, he then pulled his cock out, and finished cumming all over my face, Harry joined in, and also cummed on my faced, and finished jerking off, and came over my entire chest. Both men huffing and puffing, and I was lying on the floor full of cum.

“Not bad for a white boy,” Tyrone said and then laughed.

“Thanks, you were incredible,” I replied.

“Tyrone, you did good thank you,” Harry said.

“I don’t like being with men, did it for the cash, but you ever need me again, let me know, that was the best sex I think I ever had.”

Same here, I said to myself, same here.

After a shower, a drink and a dinner later, Tyrone left. Harry asked if I had a good time, and I assured him I did. He then asked, would you still like to continue sucking my dick.

I replied, “Harry, Tyrone had a great dick, but yours is the best for me.”

And I meant what I said. Tyrone’s cock was incredible, thicker and maybe even longer than Harry’s, but Harry’s fit me just right. Hell 14 inches is not so bad, right. Harry explained that he was going back home tomorrow, but he’ll be back next month with his wife, for the annual business party. “Guess we won’t be having much fun then,” I said laughingly. “You never know,” Harry said. We shook hands, and I left for home.

What is in stored for us next, only time will tell?

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